Friday, January 9, 2009

Off to the Middle of Nowhere - Thank God!!

Sometime this week I will be at my favorite place on earth...soaking in the hot springs along side the Rio Grande in Big Bend National Park.

Yes! I am heading off on vacation!! Like now. Everyone is yelling at me to hurry up. Don't be jealous, though. The kids are coming. And we're camping.

I have had a horribly hectic and insane week. I blogged at Cruise down to my blog - "Social Skills - Who Needs 'Em?" You must read it. It has the word "sex" in it like 6 times. I know, right? Exciting. Leave me massive comments.

I have asked the housesitter to blog for me but she is unlikely to do so as we have added 1 dog and 25 chickens since she last did this. I think she's going to be busy.

I wll try to blog from Study Butte, which is officially out in the middle of nowhere but they do have "access".


Sardine Mama


  1. Sounds like fun. We had 5 or 6 inches of snow yesterday. FYI - your 1-9-09 blog isn't there.?? Just 12-16 and 12-24.