Friday, February 27, 2009

7 Kids and a Giant Radish - Odyssey Oddity

Want to know what I've been doing lately that has kept me away from my beloved blog? Here's a hint: it involves a giant sheep, a leprechaun, and some cow manure (some of which is tasty).

CRAZY STUFF, PEOPLE. Aren't you like totally curious? Or maybe just bored out of your mind with nothing better to do? Or maybe just totally procrastinating on a zillion things you should be doing? See how well I know my fellow bloggers and blog-followers?

So, continue your procrastination, boredom, or fulfill your curiosity in regards to edible cow poop by going to 7 Kids and a Giant Radish - Odyssey Oddity!

Gotta go load some hay bails, a giant radish, 2 farmers, and a dancing candy thief into my car now. Just another day in the life of Sardine Mama.

1 comment:

  1. oh dear. i read that ingredient list... it sounds painful. hope there was crazy success!