Friday, March 6, 2009

Don't Hate Me Because.....

BECAUSE I'M IN A FREAKIN' 3-STORY LAKE HOUSE ON THE LAKE!! Okay, well, where else would it be? What can I say, I've had some wine. I'm with my best friend from childhood and high school and well, forever....and she has a rich friend who has a lake house and that is the end of the story.
YAY! (There are no little sardines here, either). I am going to sleep in a big bed all by myself. In fact, I might even sleep in a different bed tomorrow. Because I can. Because there are that many beds.
I am going to drink wine now. Maybe a margarita.
Oh, Cindy is saying, "I love my room. Not that I'm going to go to bed early. Because I'm not."
I love my room, too! Not that I'm going to go to bed early. Because I'm not.
I would quote Ann (best friend) but she is busy trying to take my picture and she has had wine and is not having so much luck. Testing...testing....with the picture thing. She's using her phone. Anyway, did I mention there is some wine involved? Possibly margaritas? Did I say that already?
I've gotta go. We're going to go dance on the deck. Which faces the lake. Because this is a lake house. A big lake house.
Don't hate me. Well, go ahead and hate me.
Sardine Mama


  1. Well, okay, if you really want me to hate you? I suppose I can. But really I'm just a little yucked by the drinking my own breastmilk at the airport comment. I'll get over that soon.

  2. OK - just for everybody who is wondering about the breast milk statement - Pamula was sharing (on her blog) her airport security nightmare with a baby - remember when they made that woman drink from the baby bottle she had in her diaper bag (it was pumped breast milk) before they would let her on the plane????

  3. Thankyou for mind was wandering...Hey..I am envisionig a really cool weekend. Enjoy it for all of us.