Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Lamest Post Ever

Well, I just sat down to blog. I have a Big Topic, too. But it was just pointed out to me that it is Tuesday. And it is almost 7:00 pm. On a Tuesday. So I'm so sorry to have to do this but American Idol comes on in 2 minutes. Halfway through it I will switch to LOST. And this is the only night I EVER watch TV. I'm not even sure these shows are good seeing as how I've nothing to compare them to. But I look forward to them. And I have a sick 8-year-old who is waiting to curl up next to me and watch the girls sing tonight (I don't let them watch the auditions, by the way - the little people, that is - because I don't think they should be entertained by people being made fun of) and then I have two teenagers who love to yell throughout LOST that it is stupid and ridiculous and awful and they're never watching it again....I cherish traditions.

So yeah - My Big Topic will have to wait.

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