Saturday, January 14, 2012

My Friend Mark

You've probably read his comments on my blog.  He always signs off as Your Friend, Mark.  Actually, I'm not sure if he uses the comma.  I thought I was super special-like but then I found out  he signs comments on Other People's Blogs as Your Friend, Mark.  But on mine sometimes he just says, "m" and so that means I'm special, right? Does he do that on your blog or is it just mine?

No matter. Mark is funny. That's what you all love about him.  He's also a good husband and an exceptional father and a fine photographer. 

His family is facing an unbelievable struggle right now. A ridiculous, inhuman, nightmarish struggle.  You can learn more about his family's situation from this CNN feature.  YES THEY WERE ON CNN! It would be all fun and exciting if only it were about something how their dog saved the neighbors from a burning building or how they found buried treasure in their backyard. But it isn't.  It is about their desperation to keep their family together.

Please watch. And you can drop Mark a note to wish him good luck and tell him how handsome he looked on his blog.


  1. I doubt there is a better person in the world than Mark. I'm glad he's our friend.

  2. He is my friend, m., too. So neener-neener.
    And I am horrified by what the federal government is doing to their family.
    Your friend,

  3. I can die now. An entire post dedicated to me and not a single word about the RHCP. I'm big in Texas!
    Thank you for this. I've mentioned on other blogs too how not only are you helping us, by spreading the word, you are helping 38,000 Families in our situation.
    This is a huge-ass deal. At the same time, I've been living with it for so long that it's almost like breathing. Well, breathing while on an oxygen tank, but still, like breathing.
    I promise that if you are ever on CNN, I will post your interview. But hopefully it won't be a story about a crazy turkey lady taking hostages on her million acre Compound.
    Your Friend, m.

  4. Mark,
    Please excuse the avenue by which I'm contacting you. Actually, I don't think Carol will mind, as I 'met' her in much the same way ;-) I read about your situation on her FB wall. So...even more folks are hearing your plight. Hopefully, greater numbers will mean greater success. I wish the best for you & your family. And I'm ashamed of how our country is handling this. Hang in, there! I have a good feeling about the outcome.
    d (in texas)

  5. Thank you for bringing this to our attention S.Mama. Mark, I"m so sorry this is happening to you guys. ~C