Sunday, April 20, 2008

Day 1

Well, we have made it in one piece to El Paso. We got off 2 hours later than expected, which was totally expected. We drove 580 miles, getting approximately pathetic to really sad gas mileage. We made really good time to the southside of San Antonio where we had our first stop to get things we forgot. We stopped for lunch at a roadside park and I turned my back for just a second, only to turn around and find Joel and Jules on top of the roof of the sheltered picnic table.

The little ones began the trip fighting over who got to sit next to Ellie. After 2 hours the little ones were fighting over who HAD to sit next to Ellie.

In addition to our family we are traveling with Charlie Bone, Artemis Fowl, Gregor the Overlander, Poppy the Ballerina, Harry Potter, and Virginia Wolfe. We are also about to have our vacation read-aloud of The Trumpet and the Swan. This book lives in the trailer and is only read on vacations. So we have been reading it for about 3 years. Reaquainting ourselves with Louis and his trumpet is like reuniting with friends at summer camp.....

Thanks to Juliana we had great music today. She is a great mixer! She even showed respect for her elders with a decent amount of Scorpions, Led Zeppelin, and the Guns-n-Roses version of Knockin' on Heaven's Door (my personal favorite).

We are now checked into the first of many concrete parking lots known as RV parks - heated pool and Jasper was in heaven! The chlorine dunk was substitued for baths.

A few pics are below. There are none of Ellie because she was uncooperative. Since she is unlikely to look any better tomorrow, and in fact will probably look worse, I might have to become sneaky with the camera.

We are looking forward to visiting relatives and I wonder if they are watching our approach on the blog like people watch a hurricaine or tornado approaching.....


  1. three weeks,wow, that's a long time. john pavliska

  2. we're with you on this trip via blog. loved the last comment...

  3. I can tell this will be the first thing I read every morning to start my day off laughing. Go Pavliskas...

  4. Benedict VI sends his papal blessing for your trip and looks forward to reading about your adventures and the churches you visit along your route.

  5. WOO HOO!
    how exciting!
    i am so happy for you guys!
    miss and love all of you!!!

  6. We will welcome what's left of you and especially Ellie with open arms!
    Those of you that have had enough of human company when you arrive can go hang out with the chickens, who are always glad to have company. It is a well known fact that the clucking of chickens have a calming effect on humans.

    The tornado watchers

  7. Carol,
    I know that behind the humor there is the real reason for the visit west. I pray that all goes well for Jules as well as for you and Jeff. Peace to all of you.

  8. Camille,
    I want you to come back. I hope you are having a good trip. Is Jasper having fun?
    Did you see Cinderella and the castle yet?

  9. hey guys,
    sounds like the trip is going good so far...

    god ellie! stop being so uncooperative! i want to see pics of your wonderful time!

    hope evrything goes good for Jules tomorrow. i'll definitely keep him in mind.

    i'm really looking forward to hear how the rest of your trip goes.

    love you and miss you all!

  10. go juliana! only a friend can say that! :)

  11. I agree with John Michael, 3 weeks, WOW! Sounds like things are going okay, hope all goes well for Jules and by the way Happy Birthday to Jeff tomorrow ( in case I don't have time to check on you guys in the AM - this is TOO FUN!!)

  12. Carol,
    I am very apprehensive..dis is my first time to blog an I am not sure about what to do ! Must I keep my comments to only what pertains to the Sardine family and their trip ? Does the CIA really monitor blogs ?
    Keep an eye on my grandkids.
    Love, DaPapa

  13. Well, I would like to say, "Wish I was there..." but really I'm quite happy where I am! I'm sure it is exciting to see the gas prices go up as you drive, and your gas mileage go down. Perhaps that would be a great new car game to keep the kids quiet - the one to guess the next increase gets a cookie! Anyway, I'll "blog" more later - Auntie Poodle out!

  14. So..while the Pavliska's are reading The Trumpet and The Swan..the Bates are reading the Pavliska's blog. Hope all goes well today.
    Nicole,Cody, Austen,Mohamad,Brian and Brian (the other one)

  15. This is my third attempt to "blog" you. Not sure what I've been doing wrong. Oh well here it goes. Camille we all missed you at your dance class on Tuesday. When I told the girls you were on a family adventure to California they thought I was kidding, when you never showed up they began to believe me. Glad the Dr. appt. went well and now the real fun can begin. Have a great time and keep the pics coming.

  16. We are all so happy everthing went great at the doctors. I've been enjoying your blog every day. Hug all the kids for me. This is officially my first blog post ever~I'm soooooooo low tech!

  17. I thought the last time you went to Disny World was with the Eschenburgs, very possibly in the Houston Oiler Van!! Oh...the stories.