Tuesday, April 22, 2008

We are Early Risers!

Well we are in Pheonix. They are two hours behind us instead of 1 because they do not practice Day Light Savings. So it is only 7:30 here and still, technically, "quiet time" in the RV park. But it has not been quiet since 6:00, which was when Jasper awoke. I didn't get to post last night, and am going to do a quickie while Jeff is hooking up the trailer. I'll post the pics tonight :)

Business First: Editor's correction:
Ellie has informed me that I misspelled Woolf, as in Virginia. What can I say? I wasn't homeschooled.

Yesterday we drove from El Paso to Pheonix. The morning began with excitement as Jeff gave me an allergy shot in a trailer shaking with bouncing kids. The needle did not break off in my arm. We considered that a good omen and we hit the road. We drove along the Rio Grande, looking over into Juarez and its factories. Things became fairly boring rather quickly after that. When we crossed the border into New Mexico we stopped at the visitor's station and the 3 little kids were given 3 stuffed animals. Yay! We now have more stuffed animals. I had been up all night the previous evening worrying about the stuffed animal shortage....Anyway, it was a long drive. I do not think I brought enough library books for the boys - we are going to have to hit a used bookstore before the trip home. We had lunch in somewhere in Arizona. Between Tuscon and Arizona we ran into some wonderful rock formations and finally the big giant cacti!

Our RV park is really really nice. We are surrounded by retirees and a surprising number of homeschooling families. There are orange trees everywhere. When we drove past the adobe bathroom and shower facilities, the signs outside the door said "braves" and "maidens". Ellie said, "What language is that?" And as Jeff says, "She's our smart one....."

They have a gorgeous pool and we were the only ones in it. Camille and Jasper are perfectly happy to drive for 10 hours to get to a pool. Jasper said this is the best vacation he has ever had! Actually, he had a fairly rough time of it yesterday when we finally arrived in Pheonix. Jeff slammed his thumb in the trailer door and it was one of those scenes where it took him 30 seconds to even begin to cry. But once he started.....

After swimming we had a quick meal of veggie burgers, veggie baked beans, salad, and mac-n-cheese (the Annie's organic which is on sale right now at HEB - by the way). We only have 1 vegetarian in the family but it is easier to go along with the princess in these close quarters. Plus the veggie patties are quick and easy and microwavable : ) Jules and I read more adventures of Gregor the Overlander and then it was off to bed.

This morning we are making up stories about our neighbors. The homeschooling family next to us has sprinkled some sort of white powder all around their RV. It is either some sort of ant poison or a pagan protection ritual. We would prefer it to be a Pagan protection ritual but they don't look like Pagans, they look like Republicans. Actually we shouldn't stereotype. We actually know a family of Pagan Republicans - no kidding! And no offense to Pagans or Republicans, please : ) Anyway, the Pagan Republicans have 2 kids, both of whom wear bike helmets, which our kids find fascinating.

Thank you for all of the comments!! That was so exciting! It is always nice to hear from the Pope. We haven't heard from His Holiness since Christmas.

Love to All and tonight we will be in LA!
Sardine Family



  1. LOL thanks for the laughs this morning... adopting stuffed animals is a noble venture.

  2. We're enjoying the trip, sounds like a hoot. Wish we were a fly on your wall and Jeff have a happy birthday tomorrow. Jeff sure is missing a great Spurs game.

    Love, Roxy and Wendy

  3. Ahem, has Ellie pointed out yet that you also misspelled Phoenix? :) As in Arizona or Rising. I am very thankful that Jasper is finding this to be his best vacation ever. Will be thinking of all of you at your appointment tomorrow and sending healthy thoughts. (ignore the SAIDC id--this is Susan :)

  4. wow, this sounds like it's going really good. i laughed my butt off at the library.
    looking forward to reaing other posts.