Friday, May 9, 2008

We're Home!

We made it home! If you haven't read the previous post there are great pics of the Gila Cave Dwellings....

Schnitzel is a very happy weiner dog. Diane did a great job looking after the house. It was lovely to come home to a clean house with live plants......

Our corn and tomatos are thrice the size as when we left. We have baby swallows in all the nests. The guinea pigs are whistling. The cat had a fight while we were gone and I'm running him to the vet in the morning - lots of scratches and a nasty ear. Our barn is full of pigs. Someone (Jeff's brother?) caught a mess of wild pigs and they are apparently being fattened up in the barn.

Ellie has been banging on the piano, Joel is on the computer, the other 3 are running around in their dress-up clothes and Jules is spinning......

We are glad to be home but it was an awesome trip and we will not hesitate to do it again if we are able. Tomorrow we'll unpack and go through the mail. It is really humid - how do you folks stand it???

Carol (former sardine mama)


  1. We, too, enjoyed the trip. Thanks for sharing with us. It appeared to be a positive, family bonding adventure. And just to affirm a couple of comments;
    * the humidity is one reason we live in Colorado, and
    * the holy places one finds in nature are abundant here.
    Come see us sometime.
    Love, Susie and Rich

  2. I LOVE that you say Ellie is "banging" on the piano!! kee hee hee!

    Welcome Home Pavliska's!!!