Friday, August 15, 2008

Flown the Coop

Oh man, what a busy week! I can't believe it is already Friday. Even though I was incredibly busy every day, I never actually got around to doing any of the things I had planned on doing. I almost exercised yesterday, though! To encourage me, a friend was going to come over and do it with me. But she called and said she couldn't come, which made me so sad that I sat down and ate a bunch of chips (ok - sad isn't the right word - relieved, maybe?) but then she called back (just as i was licking my fingers) to say she was coming! Who can exercise after a bag of chips? We had a lovely visit, anyway. Maybe next time we will progress to actually watching the exercise of my friends has been watching her Turbo Jam video for years. She puts on her little exercise clothes, gets her bottle of water, and tells her daughter not to bother her while she works out. Then she watches the video. She says she's trying to learn the steps.

I also have the Turbo Jam video but Camille laughs at me while I do it. This is not good for my self-esteem. And Joel walked in on me once and made some comment about being scarred for I'm back to Slim in Six.

Last year at this time I was about 27 pounds lighter. I felt great! I truly need to do it, again. But I just can't get back in the zone. I love the Slim in Six series. Well, actually I hate Slim in Six. But I like the results. You've all seen the Slim in Six infomercial. It looks like more fun than it is, believe me. Yes, I watch infomercials. I also have a juicer, a hair flat iron, and a kickboxing video. Luckily I don't have cable or satellite or any of the things that would bring the Home Shopping Network into my house. Actually, the info-shopping only occurs when I have a newborn. Those are the times I sit on the couch at night watching television (and nursing). Every television purchase can be traced back to a nursing session with one of the kids.

Anyway, Slim in Six works really well. It is just a great routine for both cardio and strength-building. But it is HARD and now I am out of shape and dreading starting up again. Give me some encouraging comments! Like NOW.

Ellie had a great birthday on Tuesday. We took her out for Indian food and then back for cake and THE GIFT. Ranger had previously eaten her iPod and so she was given a new one. At her party, all of her friends had given her iTunes cards so I think she knew something was up. She is looking forward to getting back into some sort of a routine around here. She likes structure. She will be taking two online college courses that begin next week, I believe. She is very upset because she just read that one of her courses will NOT be having a final exam. She's like, "I love final exams!" Poor Ellie. Born to an unschooling mother instead of the headmistress she's longing for...

Before he went out of town Jeff and the boys had a lot of work to do here on the farm/ranch. Are we a farm or a ranch? We raise cattle, but nobody grows any crops, anymore. Jeff says that makes us a ranch, but we have always called it a farm. I digress...again...we have a sick calf that Jeff and Joel are trying to nurse back to health. She just has a bad mama. We all know the kind. She takes off running all over the place and the little thing can't keep up with her. She rarely lets her nurse so now the calf is weak and the mama doesn't have enough milk. Jeff came in and said, "The calf isn't latching on very well - I think she's too weak to suckle effectively." I didn't know whether to call the vet or La Leche League. Anyway, she seems to be doing better after some bottle-feeding, which hasn't caused the dreaded nipple-confusion. We're locking her up with her hard-partying mama at night, and letting the mama graze during the day. We'll see what happens.

We also finished the chicken coop! The chicks were flying all over my patio so obviously didn't need the brooder, anymore.

Look! It is attracting chickens already!

The boys worked into the night - had to rig up a light. Here is the boys' friend, Harlan. We made him earn his keep.

And Joel finishes up the job...

Jasper is frighteningly excited, as usual.

Moving Day!

Peeking in at the little peepers. They are quite cozy in there.

So keep your fingers crossed! Something happened to our last flock. At first we thought it had been the chuppapollo, but everyone knows that he usually just sucks the blood out and leaves the bodies. There wasn't a feather left so the next logical conclusion was, of course, alien abduction. Hence the brand new alien-proof coop. Our unfortunate last flock was in a pen with a lean-to with nests. Now we are locking them up at night. Of course, if the aliens use their transport beams I'm not sure the coop will be secure enough. I guess we will find out. Haven't had a crop circle in awhile so maybe they have moved on...
Sardine Mama


  1. haha love the reference to the "chupapollo", that's great. and i think that as long as Katie stays away from the chickens, they won't disappear :)

    miss carol you should do tkd! it'd be awesome if you could join us! i'd offer to do other exercise stuff with you, but i don't think my mom would enjoy driving me out there. hmm... need to think of something else. but yeah, sometimes i just don't feel like exercising at all! i can relate. hope it all works out.

  2. I'm afraid you'd want to spar with me if I do tkd. and you scare me. you really do.

  3. hahaha! well, i can't really help if i spar with you or not. it's miss ginger's choice. i'm sure you could talk yourself out of it though. my mom doesn't spar, and you're not required to spar until you get your purple belt. but trust me, if you wouldn't want to spar me i'd make sure i wouldn't. :) and i don't think i'm THAT scary! what did i do?

  4. again... how are you sooo funny?? you're truly gifted! thanks for the laughs today!

  5. How can you have a crop circle if you have no crops? (the whole farm or ranch thing:))
    I also loved the chupapollo, but I can just see my mom reading this in PA and sayin, "chup-a-polo, what is that?!"

  6. Oh the chickens are quite safe from me. I only break things. Stealing chickens isn't in my line of work. ;)

    lol I also love the chupapollo. It took me a minute to figure it out though. haha, blond moment. :)

  7. very funny katie. but are you sure you won't try and get the Mustachians to take the chickens for you? ;)

  8. Dear Sardine Mama,
    I have that same problem with those workout tapes.....I also "watch" them trying to get the steps...some 15 years now and I'm still not really good at the exercise thing. As for your blogs, always a treat. I wish you had time to write everyday!!!