Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Sardine School spotted at Aquarium

The book reviews were so much fun! I am awaiting a box from Amazon as we speak. I ordered a few books based on the comments posted. I normally get books at the library but here lately, I have been having a rather lazy summer. I am only venturing out when it is absolutely necessary. If my sole reason for leaving the farm is to drive to the library I'd just rather not do it. I have the Prime Shipping with Amazon (which means it is free after a yearly subscription fee) and the books usually come the next day. Patience is not a virtue of mine. Nor is moderation. Or delayed gratification.... But I did practice some restraint just today! I was online to purchase Tom Petty tickets. The only seats left, of course (did I mention procrastination as being among my many lovely traits?), were really bad. I was going to get them anyway and the whole shooting match was going to cost over $200. But then I decided not to do it. Yay for me! I think. I'll probably end up wishing I had bought them. In fact, I sort of already am :(.

We impulsively (did I mention impulsive behavior earlier?) accompanied Jeff to Corpus Christi on Monday. We had seen so little of him over the past 3 weeks and he only had to be gone for one night so we just packed up and went with him! He had to work, of course, but we did at least get to eat dinner with him and enjoy the ride up and back in the car. Did I say "enjoy the ride up and back in the car?" Out loud? Here is a short video of what that was like. The deal with the boys is typical and not very interesting - but what was funny to me was watching Ellie during it all. Check her out. Hilarious. She was actually way funnier before I started taping. Once I started taping she looked more amused and less miserable. Initially, she just looked miserable. Jules is taking a pounding but it looks worse than it is. He is laughing. This is standard fare for the boys, I'm afraid. So much for peaceful sibling relationships.

Bless his heart, here he is trying to watch TV in the room while Jasper attacks him.

We enjoyed the aquarium. We have a family membership just for occasions like this - where we can come spend the day there while Jeff works. We try not to visit during summer; preferring the times when school is in session and the crowds are minimal. During those times the kids get lots of attention from the staff and volunteers, and they have a clear shot of everything they want to see and for as long as they want. So this was a bit more frustrating, but we had a great time, nonetheless.

Here is Camille posing outside of the aquarium. "Oooh, Mommy! Get a picture of me smelling the pretty flower!"

Jules is a sea turtle fanatic so we wanted to check out the new turtle habitat, which is much improved if you are a turtle. Definitely bigger - not necessarily easier to see, though. But we vote for the comfort of the turtles over the gawkers.

He does seem to have a somewhat mystical connection. His favorite turtle (can't remember his name) spent several minutes just staring at him. They just sat quite happily, the two of them, enjoying each other's company. Jules' dream is to participate in the egg hatchings where volunteers try to help the hatchlings make it to the ocean - maybe this year will be the year.

We also visited our favorite menacing shark, and of course communed with the dolphins, who I feel horribly sorry for. I do not think dolphins should be trained or kept in captivity. Needless to say, our family doesn't do Sea World. I don't judge people who enjoy it, but we just cannot enjoy the commercialism and profit at these poor animals' expense. People love to watch these intelligent creatures exhibit trained behavior for some reason. On our last trip to the aquarium, we were walking with a throng of people to the dolphin exhibit area. You have to walk by the open bay to get to the exhibit. Out in the bay, just in front of us, jumped two wild dolphins. They were spectacular! (and free) Anyway, I start yelling like an idiot, "Look! Real dolphins! Real dolphins!" and pointing out into the bay. OK - so the word "wild" was escaping me at the moment. But would you believe that nobody looked? Not one person! They just shoved on past me so they could see the trained dolphins jump on cue and retrieve little hoops. I often think we must be the only creatures on earth who believe our own natural habitat is something to be watched on the Nature Channel, rather than experienced as part of our own survival.

Our chicks are getting big bird feathers and losing their down. They are now flying out of the brooder and it is time to move them to the coop. I took this picture yesterday and I swear they are much bigger today!

Tomorrow is Ellie's birthday party. She will be 16 on Tuesday! As an added birthday gift - all of her sibs are off to spend the night with Jules' godparents - a big treat for them but a bigger treat for Ellie. So she can enjoy her time with her friends without the little ones ambushing them. She's expecting about 10 friends to help her celebrate. Her cake says, "So...Do you grow flowers?" There is a story behind that and I will share it tomorrow. I shouldn't be blogging, I should be working. Oh! And I will also blog about unschooling. Practicing the philosophy is getting quite interesting, lately.

Sardine Mama

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  1. sweet pics miss carol! love the video of everybody having a stupendous time in the van.

    i love the idea for the cake! wow, it'll be great to hear the story again. see you later tonight!
    p.s. the security word i had to put in was Fgtonmi; sounds Italian.