Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Dear Jeff

I am single-parenting this week while the hubby is in Denver. He's working there, but he's also getting to visit with his big sister. And she is a sardine fan. I'm assuming they might check in on us. So.........pardon me while I have a private conversation. You don't mind, do you? Just pretend you're in a department store and I'm the girl behind the counter. The one on the phone. I'll just be a sec.

First of all, honey, I have a blog. It is no big deal. I just post really personal stuff and pictures about our family and know, um...on the Internet. Now onto the important things. Make sure and give all the sardines-in-law hugs and kisses from the folks on our end. If you want to give them the full treatment, you'll have to crawl all over them while shouting.
Your kids. Miss you. I think I miss you. I'm too tired to tell right now. Here's what's been going on:
Ellie had a very cool and impressive Master Class in front of an audience with Dr. Angela Cheng. Dr. Cheng was in town performing a concert (she is a spectacular Canadian pianist) and graciously gave 3 master classes to young local pianists the very next morning. Ellie played a Haydn piece that Dr. Cheng had performed the night that was a bit nerve-wracking...but she did great.

Right now she is at a piano lesson. Dad took her. Joel went with him to get new shoes. Because I noticed he has been barefoot for the past 6 days. Apparently, he has no shoes. He says he used to have off he went. Come to think of it, surely he didn't go barefoot? Oh my god - I didn't look.

Yes, I remembered to turn the soaker hoses on for the corn.

Yes, I remembered to fill the cow trough by the house.

Yes, I forgot to turn it off and it overflowed.

Yes, I went into town for chicken feed and yes, I picked it up by myself and now I can't turn my head all the way to the left. Don't feel bad.

Ooohh! Look! Another eggplant came up!

No, I didn't remember to water the Mexican heathers we are going to plant this weekend. They shrivelled up something awful. But yes, I have watered them now. They have perked back up.

I found my favorite cast iron skillet out in the yard - it is now rusty. Nobody is owning up and at least one person has thrown you under the bus and said you left it out there. Hmmm. I'll probably be over it by the time you get home.

It is a warm, sunny, windy day. The little ones are in the splashy pool. So is Jules. Yes, he is 11. Yes, there is 3 inches of water in the plastic tub. No, he doesn't know there are better and funner things to do. He is homeschooled. So we can shield him from the outside world and keep him ignorant about things like waterparks.

Here is Jasper, taking a nap outside.

Here is Camille. She was dancing when you left and she'll be dancing when you get home. Which is soon, we hope. Because the trash needs taking out. And because you are missing out on a great Batman chapter book that Jasper got at the library. Truly. It is awesome. So come home or you'll miss the whole thing.

Tonight we're going to the movies. I will spend most of my time in the bathroom or in the concessions line. Friday? You're taking me to dinner. Because tonight? I'm having chalupas. As in "a small wooden boats, you idiot" (private joke). And you are having? Something way better. And then? Back to a hotel. To sleep in a big bed. Alone. Maybe watch some tv. So... maybe we'll do both dinner AND a movie when you get home. One where I get to watch the whole thing like the other grown-ups. So.....hurry. Because there are 5 of them and 1 of me.
Your Sardine Mamacita and School of Fishies


  1. Love this format and the pictures!

    Take care,

  2. I know I'm SO BEHIND it's pathetic, but I wanted you to know that you can fix that cast iron pan. Build a rip-roaring bonfire, and throw that pan in it. When the fire is good and out, even the coals, brush the pan off, and re-season it. We've done that before, and it works well.

    You know, unless you already trashed it because barf-cleaning me didn't get here fast enough.

  3. Thanks, Pamela! I will try that.