Monday, April 6, 2009

Wait for It....

So I actually meant to do this post a couple of weeks ago but didn't because every time I got on the blog I had to brag about stuff because the little fishies have been busy winning things and having birthdays. And then I never got to my heavy, mind-blowing post that I wanted to do.

I'm gonna do it now, but it probably won't be as good as it would have been had I done it when it was all still fresh in my mind. Because freshness? Is important. My poor brain is like a colander. I'm pretty sure that breastfeeding caused this. Anyway, of all the stuff that gets poured into it on a daily basis - only the big chunky things stay in. The smaller, slippery things go right through the holes.

There is also space to consider. My brain, if anything, is shrinking. So when smart people try to teach me things - stupid things like how to work the remotes or program my phone or some such nonsense - I have to remind them they are risking information leakage. If something new goes in, something old goes out. And it might be something important. So do you really want to keep trying to get me to learn how to change the channel on the television now that you have rigged it up to run through the DVD player (which I never learned to use) because you never went and got one of those magic boxes when the government did the spooky thing with the digital something that has now added a bunch of religious stations and stuff to my television which only makes it take twice as long for me to locate American Idol? Do you REALLY want to keep trying with that? Because if you are successful - I COULD FORGET WHO YOU ARE. Permanently.

Besides, that's what I have people for. They download things into other things and change my ringtones and stuff. That is why I homeschool. So somebody is here should I need to change the channel.

Anyway, so you can see how hard it has been for me to hold onto this information so that I could do this super blog. But first - some bragging (sigh). Because they just keep doing stuff.

We'll do this quickly:
Ellie placed 3rd at the De Bose National Piano Competition in Baton Rouge.

Joel placed 2nd in his first-ever Tae Kwon Do tournament in a category that is called something I cannot remember. But it involves doing forms. And he looked sharp. When he sat down he said, "Wow. I impressed myself." He also placed 3rd in sparring. He was beat by an awesome woman who he referred to as old. (She is at least 10 years younger than me). Afterwards, we took him out to eat. He wore his white pants and a t-shirt. He looked like he was on weekend leave from a mental institution.

Here he is, refusing to make a normal face for the photo. This has been going on for almost a year - the face thing. He needs a hair cut. And his pants are kinda gray-ish and his jacket is bright white because it doesn't get washed as much. And he wore a goofy shirt under it. And he needs to do something about the peach fuzz on his upper lip (like shave maybe?) but he says it isn't long enough for mustache wax and that is what he intends to do with it. He also says that facial hair was popular in the 80's. He is impressed by the 80's. He also wants a mullet but I WILL NOT ALLOW THAT. And he listens to Queen. Not to be funny, either. And he is the sweetest, happiest, and kindest kid I know.

Oh! And Jules got glasses. He is thrilled with them. And he looks handsome.

Oh! Oh! And I finished the re-write of my short story - it is being critiqued by people who know how to be nice to me, and then it is going to be submitted to a contest. AND I wrote 2,500 words yesterday (in addition to finishing the re-write on the ss). I am taking Stephen King's advice and I'm going to write about 2,000 words a day on my novel. Except that I am blogging, instead. You people are corrupting me.

So NOW onto the fabulous post. Although now I am kind of tired of typing and I hear some noise coming from the den that is possibly going to need my intervention.

Oh yes. This definitely calls for an intervention. I might have to put the new light saber in jail (on top of the refrigerator) for a little while. So prepare yourselves - because TOMORROW will be the big mind-blowing post.

Today? Was another newsletter.

Sardine Mama


  1. I'll be tuning in tomorrow. As I do everyday - searching for a new post ;-)

  2. I hope you'll just write whatever you want, mindblowing or not, because you have a great sense of humor and you're cracking me up!