Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Who Doesn't Like a Little Bieber? Camille - That's Who.

First of all? I freaking love that you people can be guilted into commenting. This is seriously good to know. I don't usually have such luck with guilting people into doing what I kids are either a) sociopaths who have no feelings or b) desensitized to my attempts at guilting them into doing things.

As for me? Sheesh. I am a totally guilt-ridden person. I am the girl who would sign a confession for something she didn't do because...well, I don't know. It would make people like me? Oh wait...that's a separate issue.

So - thanks for the comments. Especially Helena and Carri - also known as My New Best Friends.

And to you lurkers out there? I am also a lurker on lots of blogs. And sometimes I comment. Sometimes this had led to great things. In fact, I used to lurk at The Dayton Time and then I commented and now guess what? Pamela and I are buds and are even planning on hooking up in a few days (not in a sexual way) even though I have to get on two airplanes and go someplace COLD in order to do so. If my kid ends up going to school where Pamela lives (that's why we're heading her way in the first place) then Pamela will be the one she calls at 3:00 a.m. because her appendix is about to rupture and she needs someone to go to the emergency room with her. Do you hear that sound? That is the sound of Pamela packing.

I've also gotten to be great friends with Mark...also known as My Loyal Follower and not in a scary way and I have had one or two of those, too. So lurkers...what I'm saying is...feel free to comment. You never know where it could lead...I am a needy girl and maybe we'll be Best Friends and you can do lots of things for me...hear that sound? That is the sound of people un-following me :).

So - onto other insignificant news. Camille's jazz class is doing a routine to Justin Bieber's Baby, Baby, Baby Oh! or whatever it's called and you know what? She DOESN'T LIKE JUSTIN BIEBER. I didn't know this about my own kid. I'm just...totally stunned. She said she's gone the entire year in jazz thinking it was a girl singing. Yes, she's homeschooled - but still - I just assumed she knew of The Bieber. And actually, she did know of TheBieber. But what she knew of The Bieber was what she learned from her brothers and that is probably the problem and come to think of it...that is probably the problem with a whole lot of things.

Me? I like The Bieber. Who doesn't like a little Bieber? Seriously, the kid can dance and he's got stage presence and is just adorably adorable and I grew up listening to Michael Jackson's Oh Baby Give Me One More Chance.... on my little record player... so boys singing like girls totally does not freak me out and in fact, kind of makes me feel warm and fuzzy. But you know what? I can't stand Lady Gaga. Sorry. I'm just not that into case you were thinking I was all pop culture and stuff on account of my liking a little Bieber. Do I have Justin on my ipod or anything weird like that??? No. I'm going to be 46 years old next month. Holy it 46 or 47? I can't remember. I'll do the math later. Anyway, it would be lovely to pop in a little Bieber in the car and take a listen but again...that would be WEIRD since the young girl in my car can't stand the sound of him. That would just leave me singing in the front seat. I need an excuse to be playing I'll have to work on Camille. Sometimes you need kids to provide you with an excuse to thousands of episodes Spongebob...or listen to Justin Bieber.

Speaking of Spongebob (were we speaking of Spongebob?) Jasper just came out of my bedroom with his eyes almost swollen shut and he swears he just watched 31 episodes (he didn't - but still - great parenting going on over here) and so I'd better get off the blog.

I was going to write about Joel's experience with Real School Work through his geography course and how I am really really really really glad my kids aren't in school...but I will save that for the next post.

Sardine Mama


  1. Look at me and my bad self! Commenting! First to comment! Your New Best Friend! Yay for me!

    Oh, wait, I'm supposed to comment about your post. Right. I have to confess I have never actually heard little Justin sing. Never, not once. How did I miss him? Should I check him out? Really?

    I have a Taylor Swift thing going on here. I don't know why—I think she's just very perky and bouncety and sometimes that's kind of nice. Like bubbles in fizzy lemonade, or watching kids bat balloons around. It gives you a warm fuzzy feeling. And I reckon we could all use a little 'bouncety' in our lives.

    Have a beautiful day, Lady Sardine :)

  2. I need to check out Helena. Mostly because I love her name.
    Okay, It's 5:30PM and I'm feeling the Merlot. Excuse any "nonsense".
    I love Camille. She has big girl teeth like Claire. By the way, Camille is what Claire was almost called. You know, we do the whole must be French/American name thing here.
    I don't get the Beiber. We almost saw him in D.C. at the White House on April 3rd but thank God we missed him. My kids don't care for him either.
    Two minutes later, still drunk. Let me see what else you wrote about....
    Love Spongebob. He's the coolest!
    Oh wait! John's latest, Aspehrgers(sp?) "Not ruled out". Likes Public school. Getting good grades but compared to Private School, who wouldn't?
    Okay, Fred is calling us for dinner. Must go.
    Your Friend, m.

  3. Blogga, please. You couldn't guilt me into picking up my panties from off the floor after our "non-sexual" hook-up.

    And if Ellie's appendix should threaten to burst whilst attending the University, she should be advised that I'm a do-it-yourself kind of girl.

  4. In 3rd grade I attended a birthday party for a girl named Christy Blomberg.

    She had DONNY OSMOND, which made the other girls swoon.

    I said he looked like a girl.

    She slapped me.

    My face still hurts.

  5. Oh my gosh, I don't know if I have met Ami in real life, but that comment? HILARIOUS. I too am someone who has never actually heard The Bieber and am not even sure which way to pronounce his name. Long I sound? Long E sound? Who knows? And I haven't seen him dance. Must go youtube. The kids in my kid's first grade class like Twilight, so maybe they skipped right past any sweet and innocent looking boy.

  6. Okay, I had to google a youtube video and I think it's the very song of which you spoke-- he's a total cutie pie who can dance, so yeah, I can see why he's a Thing. It's a catchy tune. It'll be stuck in my head now.

  7. Camille rocks.
    My 10 year old hates that Bieber kid. I've never heard him, and I'm not sure she has either. She doesn't like him because he is too popular. She's an anti-follow-the-crowd kind of girl. Love that about her.
    She did agree that he might make a good hobbit in the new movie, "just not Bilbo, or we'd have to see him through the whole movie."

  8. OMG, look at you guys still commenting! So sweet! How long can I ride this? As for the Bieber (pronounced Beeber, Amy)...I didn't WANT to like The Bieber...'cause like Heidi's kid...I'm kind of anti-what-everybody-else-likes that way...but I saw him on SNL and then DANG. He is freaking adorable! Even Ellie likes The Bieber.

  9. Bieber was on SNL? Well, I thought i hated him (also haven't really heard anything by him) but maybe I will go find that episode and then I will like him. Admittedly, I liked the twilight dude after he hosted SNL episode, so anything is possible. (the wolf one not the vampire one. right. I don't know either his twilight character name or the actors actual name...and I watched him for 1.5 hours on snl. pathetic).

    Go Camille for not liking Bieber though! How cool is she!

    P.S. I ALWAYS feel guilty for not commenting. meh.

  10. I keep trying to be a follower. I click on the little "follow" thing. It takes me to a page. I sign in like I do for Yahoo. It takes me to a page that says BAD REQUEST. I feel I have done a bad, bad thing.

  11. Well first of all, I love Helena! Isn't she awesome?

    LOL on The Bieber. Kei knows him but doesn't love him. I love him because he is a perfect example of the sensation that is youtube. Plus he is a cute little thing. I would probably have liked him when I was younger...ok way younger..

    And if you do decide to have Justin on your ipod, I won't tell a soul. :)

  12. OOOOOO, I have a new best friend. And it's the Sardine Mama!! Can you hear the squealing all the way from my house in MI? No, I don't get out much. . .I don't even know who Justine Bieber is. And frankly I will never find out because I'm afraid. The last time I went on youtube to find something aimed at my children's age range it was "Fred." If you know who/what Fred is you know my pain. But I do get the whole using your kids to enjoy something not for your demographic. I use my kids so that I can watch Harry Potter and the Avatar cartoon.

  13. Okay, Sardine Mama, I will forewarn you that this will be my one and only comment. That having been said, I read you faithfully for many reasons: 1. You are hilarious. 2. We share the same sensibilities about many things. 3. You are a fabulous writer. 4. I'm now addicted to reading the latest from the Sardine Can 5. We're from the same hometown. (I'm Lolly's older sister. Do you even know her as Lolly? If not, you owe me one. Give Janet a hug for me.) Unfortunately, I'm also very dedicated to my lurker status, but you should know that I treasure my time with you each week (usually Wednesdays).
    Love, Julie