Saturday, June 7, 2008

Tutus and Prayers for the Tooth Fairy

News Today: My Escape from Mommydom (otherwise known as Child Abuse Prevention Weekend) has fallen apart. So I am not going to the beach. Very sad. I am so deserving....

Camille's dance recital was last night! She was adorable. I actually dished out cash to get her hair done. Poor baby. I am not a "hair mama". We don't own curlers and I don't even know where to buy the cement stuff that gets sprayed on the curls. So I took her to Jocelyn at "Curl Up and Dye" and she turned her into a little star. However with the wind and humidity..... These pics are taken at the dress rehearsal. They are the nervous "before" pic and the thrilled "after" pic of "My Best."

As I mentioned in a previous post, Camille never really bothered to learn all of her dance steps. In the dressing room last night (a classroom at the local highschool where the recital is held) her dance buddies were practicing their moves. I asked Camille if she would like to practice and she said, "No, but I would like some more lipstick." That pretty much summed it up.

These pics are of her dancing in her sailor suit to "Codfish Ball" at the rehearsal and then of her in the dressing room last night. Further down is a video of a little bit of "My Best" at the rehearsal and some pics with friends.

Ellie also took dance at Camille's age and she was a great dancer and knew all the steps. She was the girl all the other girls watched to see what to do next. But she quit because of the recital stuff. She didn't like the costume because it was itchy, tight, loose, bumpy, confining etc etc.....when I approached her with lipstick she had a cow. She still doesn't wear makeup or anything on her face at all. So these two are quite different from each other : )

Camille lost her front tooth on the way to the recital. What a relief! It had been hanging on by a thread for weeks and was literally flopping around everytime she improved her appearance dramatically to have the thing finally come out! The tooth fairy, however, forgot to come last night. Camille was disappointed. That dang fairy! We have heard from a reliable source (otherwise known as Grandpa the Dentist) that the tooth fairy has a slight substance abuse problem and some nights are better than others. She was doing really great for awhile....but apparently she has suffered a small setback. Hopefully she'll be back on the wagon soon. Maybe she'll even come tonight. For some reason, she seems to be getting worse because she NEVER failed to come for Ellie or Joel. Did I mention, by the way, that I still know all of the dance steps and words to the song "Wee Rockettes" which was Ellie's first dance recital performance? On the other hand, I can't even remember what song Camille danced to last year....I also know exactly how much Ellie and Joel weighed upon their births, as well as their lengths, and all I know about Jasper is that he was about 7 pounds and of average length : ) What does all of this have to do with the Tooth Fairy? Hmmmm......


  1. The tooth fairy went on a bender last year and missed our house for over a week. Finally, one morning, the little one brought me the phone and told me to call her boss. She showed up that night. I guess the call worked.

  2. Camille looks too precious! I don't understand about the tooth fairy. She has made it all eight times to our house. Must be because there is only one child. . .