Tuesday, June 3, 2008

New Plan to Get Rich

Well - the kids are already out in the splashy pool. It is unbelievably hot! I believe we hit 98 yesterday. It is going to be a long, brown summer.

You know that Schlitterbahn commercial where the unenthusiastic kids are sitting in a splashy pool with like 2 inches of water while watching a Schlitterbahn commercial through the window? That is what Jules looks like right now. He is too old to be sitting in a splashy pool. The other two are having fun, though. We have thrown away 3 of the expensive gigantic portable pools with pumps, ladders, etc. because the cats kept poking holes in the rings beyond repair. They were obsessed with drinking out of the pool. For what we spent on those we could have bought a real above-ground pool. Maybe next year.

I would post some pics of the splashy pool frivolity but Ellie has my camera's chip in her camera and she is in Maryland at the Odyssey of the Mind World Tournament. She called from the Lincoln Memorial yesterday and is having a blast! They find out tonight how they did. The big awards ceremony is tonight. They had a big audience at their performance because people had been watching them set up their stuff for a couple of days and wanted to come see it. They had 2 amazing Rube Goldberg machines and a freakin' escalator that was started by one of the Rube Goldberg machines. The machine also turned on an MP3 Player that was hooked to an amp that played Stairway to Heaven while the escalator moved...pretty cool. The Singapore buddy team was in the audience cheering for them. But the kids don't think they'll place - competition is stiff and they had some mishaps with meeting problem parameters. But the neat part is that they don't care and they are having fun fun fun! When they came out of their spontaneous competition a Polish team was waiting to surprise them with a cheer. Ellie and friends had been up until 4:00 the previous night and this enthusiasm scared the crap out of them : )

Ellie comes home tomorrow YAY!! I will have my dishwasher and babysitter back! Everyone knows I just had all these kids to make my life easier. That plan kinda sorta backfired but that's ok because I have a new plan now. After receiving economic stimulation in the form of a government check it occurred to us that if we only had 5 or so more kids we would have gotten a REALLY big check. So that is the plan, now. The kids will make us rich. We'll get more help for college and everything! Isn't this a good plan? I'm signing off, now. Gotta go get pregnant. Why didn't I think of this before? DUH. Way better than contributing to a 401K - and more fun, too! I am so smart.
Sardine mama

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  1. i'm happy to hear you r still gonna blog... love it!

    baby in arms... he came last nite. i'll call u.